The Container

The art of hiding 

anger effectively 

is like snowmobiling 

alongside a fence 

in whiteout conditions 

between what is said 

and what can’t be said, 

flanked by what one can do 

and what one can’t do, 

battered by the actions 

and inactions of daily life, 

bordered by having power 

and absolutely none at all.


I keep my anger in a solid 

cherry wood casket,

with creamy satin interior, 

and bronze colored lugs 

embossed in crimson

hearts, within the center 

of my living room, 

a resting place 

for my feet 

upon its cap,

an ambiguous 

coffee table.

Heidi Sampson’s creative non-fiction has appeared in The Lunch Ticket from Antioch University Los Angeles . She also freelances for the Mankato Free Press and The Minnesota Valley Business Magazine

Also appearing in The Wax Paper is Sampson's poem, Relentless Obstruction