Mikey Swanberg

I am glad I lived long enough to see

that Mercury was right

and that beautiful asses zoom by 

all day on French and Italian bikes 

glad     to find myself enjoined 

to their cause 

so let me tell you 

something lucky 

I woke up feeling sympathy


for someone I once called 

a selfish prick

I bought beer at one corner

and then stopped by another

to buy beer from the man I like more 

alone-ness can be practiced

 same as the tuba

and it blows 

a horny note    a fog

horn off the coast 

of where we stood 

before we stood together

hearing the whir of another's wheels 

and the easy breathing     

that silent practiced focus 

on the route    and on the road 

that comes along with every moving on

Mikey Swanberg holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and is the author of the chapbook Zen and the art of Bicycle Delivery (Rabbit Catastrophe Press). He is a recipient of the Jane Vance prize for poetry, and lives in Chicago.