On Emerging from a Coma, Certain that Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation Has Been Administered by Pablo Picasso

The taste of matchboxes and

Crumpled cigarette

Packets brought me back:


He blew color into my

Lungs, as I pulled blue

Bullfights from his tongue.

His breath brought me back from

Guernica, back from black and

White and gray;

He tasted like music and

Crushed wineglasses.

He tasted like

Christ, and twisted wire.

Rhonda Poynter has recently had poetry, essays, flash fiction and other writing published through Triggerfish, vox poetica, Sleet, Red Fez, Subprimal Poetry Arts, Houseboat, Poetry Pacific, The Lake, Ekphrastic, Soliloquies Flash Anthology, and other journals, anthologies and newspapers. Her second collection of poetry, Borrowed Time, is pending a late 2016/early 2017 release.