the wax paper

Sister  for Bo

I will forget the

Fat redheaded nurse who stole your

Ghiradelli chocolates,


And the doctor who paid for his

Porsche on your heartache and

Howls will be old mail:


Simply gone.


I will take the blackness that

Coiled in and out of your bones and

Cast it, pockets weighed down with

Stones, into the sea:


When I am old,

I will remember only

Your hand clasping mine, long ago.

I will remember that your fingers were



Rhonda Poynter has recently had poetry, essays, flash fiction and other writing published through Triggerfish, vox poetica, Sleet, Red Fez, Subprimal Poetry Arts, Houseboat, Poetry Pacific, The Lake, Ekphrastic, Soliloquies Flash Anthology, and other journals, anthologies and newspapers. Her second collection of poetry, Borrowed Time, is pending a late 2016/early 2017 release.