the wax paper

 Sharing the Night Alone

Richard Ostrander

The stars show no concern tonight rolling over like a lover stealing sheets;

shoulder blades for knives 

against whatever warmth 

you may have shared now

that what you took for love is done.

And sleep crawls on all fours 

as those needle point lights

shine through shirt cuff clouds

for any spade needs another 

to enact its namesake

on this cold Autumn night.

Who sleeps alone will go alone.

Who goes alone will leave alone.

Richard K. Ostrander's work published in Heron Clan V Poetry Anthology, Peach Magazine (, and  Issa's Untidy Hut. Richard has two books, The Epic of Hell Freeze and The Metaphysicians Daughter, both published by BlazeVOX Books. Richard will be sharing some of his work on 18 October for the West End Poetry Festival in Carrboro, NC.