the wax paper


The Madonna carried in a rickshaw

Her hair braided this time

The bright threads of her thoughts

Severed but soon to lengthen

In the silicon of the sunset,

In the maze of flowers

The seizure of the wind gust.

Yearning for the dewberry and the footstep,

The opening of all time

The brick in the smoke of itself

She fills a necessary uselessness.

Maybe she will change her name

To Agatha or Sophie.

She is coloring with my daughter

An outline of the massacre in yellow

Wiping out the gallery and the grove.

Maybe she will spill her purse 

Upon the ragged cobblestone

And smile as children cluster

At the humming insurrection.

George Eklund has published in numerous journals over the past years while teaching on the writing faculty at Morehead State University in eastern Kentucky.  He has two book length projects forthcoming in 2017: a translation of Mario Bohorquez’s El deseo postergado (The Delayed Desire) with Valparaiso Ediciones USA, and a bi-lingual volume of his own poems, En los brazos de la niebla (In the Arms of the Fog) due out from Simiente Ediciones, Morales, Mexico.