Late Hour

“…until at last I lift you up and wrap you within me”


think of the moon – not as some ornament

                                     in the sky. or a gloom 

                                     that hangs over your

                                     bedroom in the late

                                     hours –


              think of its

              pale skin the

              way you would

              a woman in a 

              green dress. 


              her shoulders

              perked on a

              backless stool

              stirring a 

              glass of gin.


that same distance

that same thirst


like a woman in a green dress

leaving the bar.

Talal Alyan is a Palestinian writer based in New York. He has written about politics in the Middle East for various publications including Vice News, Al Jazeera English, Huffington Post, and Daily Beast. These poems are from an ongoing project he is working on about the intersection of narrative and noise.