Yuan Changming


Man, as he really is, is far beyond

God’s imagination, let alone understanding

If you really love Earth, you wouldn’t be

Afraid to show it to the world, let alone her

Most websites don’t even last fourteen

Months, let alone fourteen years

They never thought they’d be able to do

Any serious reading, let alone thinking

Some people can’t help inventing lies

Let alone telling them

The sun shines on you but not on me

Let alone my shadow

I always expect the world to leave me

Alone, let alone my poetry


, before any utterances from God

. behind the human reality in the moment

? after each sentence written in history

! at the end of every show of nature


This is the thought that is

Sailing along the horizon

This is the thought ready to fall

Finally from the leaf-tip at dawn

This is the thought looming afar

Beyond the stark mountains

This is the thought newly taken

Out of the water by the swordsmith

This is the thought with a bloated shape

Wrapping the whole world up in the mind

This is the thought running amuck

Naked, never able to find a shelter

This is the thought driving the wheels

Of history, back and forth, without stop