The newscaster pauses as he realizes he’s just singsonged, 

    ‘Talks ended with no truce in Belarus,’

and I see you leaning against a blue-domed church I know nothing about,

                            going over your notes.

You’ve been flinging yourself chest-first into stories

the concerned mothers of mutual friends say you have no business touching.

For years you have done this, trying to thump out of there what remains 

                            of a woman we both love.

And this is something else I know nothing about.

Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson’s work has been featured in RHINO, Icarus, and Banshee, among others. She runs the Wasted Pages: Rut Bust workshop for the Chicago Publishers Resources Center. EOTwrites.com

Also appearing in The Wax Paper is O'Connell's poem, The Farmer and the Fox.