the wax paper

Between Me and You


I changed my name to

nothing in particular

you know now I don’t identify

with age, race and gender

wars will still blaze away

in powerful ignorant bursts 

you share my story

which is nothing but your own

agenda, but there I go

still using I, me and you

floundering in obscure

words can be so

insignificant but they’re the best

we can use to illuminate

our bacteria riddled bodies

puny minds still trying

to distinguish a difference

between me

and you.


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Youth of today we pray

for YOU

and your generation

soullessly searching through your kingdom

come on Facebook

random updates will be done


tagged in selfie posts of a thousand

likes and information is your bread and wine

shared among you

forgiving those who dare not enter

into eternal self promotion

but deliver you adoring admiration

that emanates from your wall

of power and glory that are yours

forever in the transient moment

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Mark Tucker is an Australian writer with a love of poetry and short-fiction who also contributes non-fiction irregularly as a columnist to Additionally, Mark is a teacher and received his Master’s degree in education from Butler University (Indianapolis).